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I think I figured out the secret

So I've now used my Divacup for 8 cycles now and I love it. Learning how to use it was at first tricky, but I think I've finally figured out how to get the cup in there right and keep it from leaking. I've been pinching the cup in the middle to make a U shape like it instructs, but when I insert it I make sure to push it to the very bottom of my vaginal open along the way that separates the vaginal canal and the anus and then up. I've found this way to be the most effective way of placing my cup in the right position to capture my menstrual flow.

So now my next step is to completely rid myself of menstrual waste and start using cloth pads. I'm searching for cheap cloth_pads for 10 dollars each and I've joined diy_pads in hops of learning how to make my own, and hopefully trade some (NON-used) ones with other members. By the start of 2009 I pledge on being completely menstrual waste free!

Anyway just thought I'd share my happiness and determination with my fellow cup wearers in LJ land
Tags: divacup, pads - cloth, success stories

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