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Ok folks... so I am mostly venting here, and am going to have to look for coupons... After my period last time. I cleaned my cup, and then wrapped it up. Thus my little siblings would not ask questions, and put it in the bottom drawer where the rest of the period supplies are kept for my mother. See my little siblings are not allowed to know that menstruation exists because that would be offil you know.

Tonight I went to search for my lady cup... I bought it only in october, and it was like $38 U.S. money... It's not there... the following discussion takes place

me "Mom, did you throw something out in the bottom drawer"?
Mom "No I don't think so."
me "Well I wrapped up my cup when I was done with my period to keep the boys from asking questions, and now it's missing."
Mom "Oh, shoot. I thought it was a dirty pad. It's not my fault. Why did you put it in with the clean stuff?"

um... it was clean, and i was hiding it from your children. blah.! I have no mula right now, and won't until I get work... I love family
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