jezzie_d (jezzie_d) wrote in menstrual_cups,

What to clean with? Which Soap?

I'm currently awaiting my LadyCup (should be here any day now - yay!) and I'm trying to decide the best way to clean it both during and after my period.

I read so often to wash with "soap" but to tell you the truth I have no idea which soap to use - I have so many in my cupboard and plenty more to pick from at the shops.  I'm in Australia so if anyone wants to mention a specific brand they use feel free.

Anyways my main questions are ...

1. What should I use during my period?
  • I need things suitable for bothin public (preferably in the stall) and at home
  • I've seen lunette wipes (is this overkill?)
  • Is good old toilet paper ok? (note: a spray bottle is not convienent for me)

2. What should I use at the end of my period?

  • Something I can do in my bathroom or bedroom would be good - boiling my LC in the kitchen wouldn't go down well in the family

Note: My LC is technically a LilacCup and I just want to make sure that the colour won't be effected by anything I clean it with (other than the benefits of removing staining)

Tags: cleaning, cleaning - public

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