kris (krisnake) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Serious cramping

Hi Ladies,

I'm in need of some help. Here's my situation: I used The Keeper for 7 years before becoming pregnant with my son. He's now 16-months-old and my cycle has finally started again (while on vacation, of course). I bought a DivaCup a couple of months back when I thought I was starting my period. I even wore it then with no discomfort. I never experienced discomfort with The Keeper.

I used Instead cups (different, but interesting) until I arrived back home this evening. When it was time for me to change, I inserted the DivaCup. Instant cramping. I figured it would go away in a minute but it only continued to get worse. I wore it for less than 5 minutes because the pain became unbearable. I was not experiencing any cramping before insertion.

Was there just some strong suction going on or what? Is there a different way I need to insert it now that I've had a baby? Any ideas? TIA
Tags: cramps, divacup

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