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Delay in Manufacturing Lunette Selene

Has anyone received their Selene yet? I placed my order yesterday with Kuukuppi and got an email saying:

The deliveries of the new Lunette Selene have prolonged due to material problems. We just checked the current situation with the manufacturer, and we are again waiting for products to come on Friday into our warehouse. But the time, we are able to send your order, the estimated delivery time to Canada is 7 - 8 business days after the day sent. You will receive a notification to your email once the order has been sent.

I wonder what the "material problems" are. I guess they're just trying to perfect their new colour. It was nice that they emailed me right away, though. Just curious if anyone who ordered one received theirs yet. I also wanted to give everyone a heads up about the delay in case anyone was trying to get in time for Christmas, which I don't think will happen at this point. I'm SUPER excited to get mine. It's just so neat looking. And call me weird, but I can't wait to see if it looks purple when there's blood inside LOL. (I know, I'm strange. But I'm sure many of you are with me when I say menstrual cups are exciting!)

Take care everyone!
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