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To clarify... cups and endometreotis

Apologies if there was an easier way of doing this, I'm still fairly new to LJ.

I just wanted to make clarify the recent post about menstrual cups and endometreotis.

I just noticed leitadlifi's post with the link to this website article:
Got me interested as I'd never heard of this. After sifting through the many comments to the original post,I found the below pasted post from </a></b></a>northstargirl which I thought I'd just copy and post here so it's easier to see for anyone wanting the response to that article. Sure many of you were interested - i was!!!!!!!

Everyone one else has already answered your other questions very well. So, I'll post the FDA's response to Associated Pharmacologists and Toxicologists petition. I wonder if this association is associated/supported by any of the tampon or pad manufacturers...

Abbreviated FDA response

"We agree with the assertion in your petition that it is physiologically plausible that use (and misuse) of the menstrual cup might increase the risk of endometriosis by creating an obstruction to the flow of menstrual effluent (blood and cells) out of the uterus, re-directing menstrual effluent into the peritoneal cavity via the fallopian tubes.

However, you have not submitted and we have not identified sufficient evidence to show this is more than theoretical."

Tags: endometriosis, health risks

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