bizemom (bizemom) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I Love My Diva Cup!!!

OMG!!! This thing is so amazing. I bought it about a month ago after reading about it on the internet. I wonder why they don't market this thing more strongly here in the states? I'm thinking billboard's along the highway. I was almost...well almost excited to get my peorid so I could try it out. Day 1 was rough (couldent get it in where it felt comfortable..stem poking..) I thought to myself "ok this thing just flat out sucks..what are all these women raving about?" After finding this site and reading through many posts I first off trimmed off the stem...AWWW much better..Then I just found that "perfect" spot where it felt comfortable to me. Well today being day 3 I friggin love to thing! The only thing is I still do not hear the "POP" after inserting it. Let me tell ya its way up there. No POP? Now I'm using size 2. Is it too big or do I not just have a round enough vjj?? But it is working no leaks and I don't even know its there anymore.

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