northstargirl (northstargirl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Day 3 of Cup Usage

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to this community I learned all about cups before making a purchase and picked the one I thought was best for me (a large lunette)  Unlike many first time users, I'm having great success with insertion and removal. I credit all of your advice for this ;)

My only problem seems to be increased cramping. I was never a tampon kinda girl, as TSS always scared me. I've always used disposable pads, but hated the skin irritation. So, I'm wondering if this is a normal adjustment kind of thing. Any one have a similar experience that got better over time? Any suggestions?

I want to add one comment for anyone on their first period or two with a cup...

I was inserting and removing in the shower for fear of a mess. I figured since it was generally working, I should keep using the shower.  Well, I was in a hurry last night and tried sitting on the toilet instead. Wow!  It was so much easier for me all around. I mention this in case someone else is using the first method they tried. Don't be afraid to experiment a little. You might find an even better position or fold.
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