Lauren (anastrophic) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Maybe I need a different cup?

I've been using my Miacup since October, and it definitely hasn't treated me badly. However, my cervix sits quite low while I'm on my period, and it sits inside the cup. I must have a short canal, because a tiny bit of the cup pokes out no matter what I do. Because of this, I can't position my cup the way I want - it does its own thing [I thought about placing it lower to keep my cup from leaking at night, but I can't]. I've tried repositioning my cervix, but I only have one strong hand. Would a shorter cup allow me to position the cup on my own, or is it likely that my vagina will take over and do whatever it wants? I also have a pretty heavy flow on the first few days of my period, and I'd like something with a decent capacity. Any suggestions? I'm an eighteen year old virgin. Buying a new cup is a last resort, because even though my Mia has a money-back guarantee, I don't have the money to buy cups that I can't send back if I don't like them. If anyone can tell me how to position my cervix or the cup on my own with one hand, that would be great too. I hope this makes my defense, it's two in the morning here. Thanks guys.
Tags: cervix position, miacup

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