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Cycle changes and Cycle tracking

I've been tracking my menstrual cycle for several months now on this site Because I have an extremely irregular cycle (always have), i originally started by jotting down the date my period came each month, trying to find some sort of pattern. I recently came across the my monthly cycles site and i absolutely love it. Not only can you track when your period comes each month, but you can add every little detail of your cycle right on there from cramps, to food cravings, to what type of feminine product you used. This is great for me because i also tend to get REAAALLLy bad cramps, so i can record when that happens and try to anticipate it! You can even track and predict when you ovulate, which is nice. All in all, this really helped me get in tune with my body.It also helped me with my Diva Cup in that I wrote down how many times I needed to change it in one day and how full it was at each removal. It also just feels good to know what's going on in there and to familiarize yourself with how your own body works and changes from week to week. Best of all: its FREE! So, definitely check that out.


Anyway, I brought that up because like i mentioned above, my cycle tends to be very irregular, although recently it has been getting somewhat more normalized. WIth the help of the My Monthly cycles site and through my own observations I realized that I ovulate about 2 weeks after my period ends. But this month, after using my Diva cup for the first time, I noticed that I ovulated a week earlier than usual (only 1 week after my period instead of 2 weeks after it). 

So, i am curious....has anyone else noticed that the Diva cup altered there cycle??? Shortening it or making it longer? It could just be my erratic menstrual cycle, but I don't think I've experienced such an early ovulation before, and am wondering if the cup has anything to do with it. What do you think??

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