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Cup Suction and IUDs

I've been looking into getting off NuvaRing and getting a copper IUD. I met with a doctor at my student health center last week and I asked him about using menstrual cups with IUDs, since while I really want an IUD, I'm not sure I can tolerate using anything but a menstrual cup (I've had my DivaCup for three years, and generally tell people who are curious that I'd give up any of my other possessions before my menstrual cup). Specifically, I asked him about the risk of expelling the IUD due to suction, since I'd read that a lot of people were worried about that, or reported that it had happened to them. I thought you all might be interested to hear what he said, which was basically that it shouldn't be a problem.

He told me that he used to fit cervical caps, which rely a lot on suction to work, but that he didn't think that menstrual cups relied on suction to work, since they are one size fits all. While there may be some suction on the vaginal walls, he said, there isn't likely much suction on the cervix, and he said that with his knowledge of the anatomy and of the menstrual cup, its shape, and the way it works, he didn't really see how a menstrual cup would cause expulsion. He said there was no reason they shouldn't be perfectly safe to use together.
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