daimere (daimere) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Leaking, "falling down," and other problems

I've had my Diva cup(the small) for a year or so.  I've only started to force myself to use it since summer.  I still can't get the hang of this after 5 or so months. 

I still get leaks, even when I try to spin it.  I can't really spin it because I feel like I can't move it.  I've trimmed down the stem enough to where it only hurts when it has fallen out of place or I inserted it wrong.  It tends to move out of place frequently.  I would say out of every cycle, I can get two good insertions and I just pray I don't need to have a bowel movement which would put it out of place.   I think it's improved since I found this community and use the orgami fold.  I know one of the big problems was that it'd open half way when I'd insert it with the C method.  I usually get so fed up by this the last day of my period, I give up and go back to pads.  I also, I can't insert easily on my light days.  Should the cup be farther down the canal or closer to the front?  

I really love the cup and get a hold of this before I finish out my supply of pads I have. Any suggestions and help?  Thank you!
Tags: cervix position, insertion, popping open
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