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From a Mooncup UK to a Ladycup

Few things I noticed right away:

- LC is MUCH softer than the MCUK. Less "springier" too.
- Insertion is much less painful with LC than with MCUK (In fact, no matter the fold I use EXCEPT the C fold, it went in easily!)
- MCUK pops better once in vagina, LC... needs encouragement
- Removal is far less painful with LC
- Removal takes MUCH longer than MCUK (due to lack of grip with the LC)
- If you break the seal of the LC and pull it out hard in one go like I did because I was impatient, it doesn't hurt when leaving the vagina unlike the MCUK

Overall, the LC is for those with more patience while the MCUK is for those who have a higher tolerance to pain (IMO). I say this mainly because with both cups, I've had issues of the cup popping open after I'd thought it open naturally already. With the LC, I just stopped a moment to digest the fact, kegel'ed a little to make sure it was still there, and went over my merry way. With the MCUK, I was bent nearly double with pain and had to remove it almost immediately. The pain was quite bad.

In conclusion, I'm in love with my new LC. The MCUK was a pretty good training wheel, but the LC is the real thing. Now I just have to resist the urge to remove the cup every time I go to the loo and we'll see how much this baby can really hold.

I do have a question though:

It's the second day of my period (traditionally the heaviest, and both LC and MCUK never leaked yet hooray!) and the cramps I faced this time around was far worse than I had when I was using pads. Because of removal issues previously, I wonder, does it have anything to do with me introducing air into the vagina canal and the cervix during removal, where the blood had been gathered and causing parts of it to clot?

I ask this mainly because when I was removing the cup, I found some old blood clots (completely brown) which is what I'd normally get on the first day of my period.

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