jcnjd (jcnjd) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Large LadyCup v. Small Diva: Round 1

Hi All,

I've been using a diva cup, size small, for about 8 months now. I totally love it.  But, I needed a back-up cup (one tolive permenantly in my purse, basically). I've been lusting ove rht epinkcup for a while, and got one cheap on ebay. I ordered a large, since I am 25. 

What's the verdict? I'm on my period now, so it was good timing to try it out. I popped the pinkcup in - it didn't want to open with my normal punch-down, but it popped right open when I used a c-fold. I left it in for a bit before deciding to cut the stem off - it was slightly irritating. So, now I have a stemless Diva and Lady.

Size wise, they are about the same. The Lady is just a little wider, and the Diva just a smidge longer. Once its in, I can't tell any difference.

Removal with the Diva was never hard for me; I learned early to break the suction, and can always grab the base. The diva has a thick base, making it easy to get a good grip on. The base of the Lady is VERY thin; this makes it a bit harder to get a grip on (the raised grippers don't help so much). But, the suction lets go a lot easier.  

The Lady's holes are easier to clean. I never felt the Diva's were difficult, though.

So, the cups score equal in my book! 

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