lutyalapo (lutyalapo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Menstrual Options Forum at my local health food store!

I was at my local health food store/co-op today and saw a sign for a discussion/forum that is taking place this Saturday at 5pm, called "On the Rag" about alternative menstrual options.  She is going to have menstrual cups (Diva and Keeper) and cloth pads to show.  I'd like to go and bring my own cloth pads and LadyCup (so they can see that brand too!).  I have a brand new small OrangeCup that I can show.  I also have a great, unused cloth pad from ModernAcorn on etsy and one that I made myself.  I think it will be really cool.  I just hope that the person giving the seminar won't get offended if I bring my stuff to share too, you think?


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