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Best cup/best cup to use with IUD

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Hello all!

I was using a Divacup before I had my Paragard IUD inserted, but I never had much luck with it. Lots of leaking, etc. (yes, I tried spinning it, etc.) Due to the ridiculous periods my IUD has given me, I'm starting to feel bad about how many tampons I'm throwing out, and I'm looking to try another model of menstrual cup. But I have some reservations about it.

I've read horror stories of girls accidentally sucking out their IUD with the cup. I REALLY do not want to deal with the pain (physical and economic) of needing to replace my IUD so soon.

The Diva and I just were not friends. I think it may have been too large. (my cervix is a low-rider....)

I've read good things about the LadyCup. (aka Pinkcup, orangecup, etc)

Anyone want to give me some input?
Tags: iud
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