mpbowers (mpbowers) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lady cup

Ok, so I finally got the nerve to try my ladycup. I got lube and everything. I started putting it in and it was actually going to go in but I had a sore stretching feeling which scared the heck out of me and I took it out. I was sore for about an hour after that. I just used a tampon. I bleed very lightly and know I could go all day but the feeling scared me. It wasn't as painful as the diva cup I tried a year ago that definitely wouldn't go in. I'm not the kind of girl to touch myself or stretch myself or any of that. I'm more worried about getting this thing out of me. I'm very tiny all over and even there as my MD even says so. I wear cloth pads which I love as a back up to tampons and pantyliners. Does the feeling of stretching go away? Will it feel like that in? I'm more scared than anything I think. Help.

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