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Just got my Diva Cup !

I got the Diva cup because I have an extremely heavy flow. I have put this cup in quite a few times and have taken it out. I put it in with the c-fold method and that seems okay. Let me tell you I put the cup in the first time and stood up felt the stem went to take it out and paniked....(okay you can stop laughing) I pulled on it in my panic went owww, stuck my finger up the side and pressed. I heard a woosh and out it came. The rest of the times were not that easy. I think my cervix is in shock. I waited a couple of hours before I re-tried. I think I have the thing right. When I stand up it goes were it wants. I have great suction as I did as one or more girls on this site said they do. I inserted the cup pulled down till it expanded then pushed up. I don't know if you are supose to put it up till you feel it but it seems to go there anyway. I am also waiting on a lady cup so I will compare the two.

My first question is are you suppose to feel like you are full? I did have this feeling when I used a tampon also I think I am going to have the: not being able to pee issue, but I am hopeful. I emptied my bladder before I inserted the Diva, but feel the urge to go anyway. I cut the stem off as I thought that might be causing it. I did insert it to the back like I read but I am a novice and don't know really what I am trying to achieve. I am hoping it is just the fact that I did this a few times trying to get the stem short enough and everything is swollen right now. I tried the inside out thing and had a hard time getting it in and then couldn't get it out. It seemed quite a bit stiffer to me and when it opened it hurt that way and not the other. I think with all my effort I might have irritated the opening.

My second question does anyone feel crampy from using the cup. I am on my last day of my period which is extremely light if not at all. I put my Diva in as to get a feel and to be comfortable using it as I will be away when I get my next cycle.
Since it is night time I am going to sleep with it in to see If it gets more comfortable. It does feel similar to a tampon as I use to use 4 Ultras a day until my doctor told me to stop using them.

I read as many post as possible before buying and using. I am allergic to regular pads and can not use tampons. I am really hoping I can get this to work. Any advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated. I believe the concept is fantastic.

Oh I am using a Diva 2 as I am 47yrs old with two children. If this turns out to be to long for me I will pass it on to my twenty year old daughter. This is a great invention. I am amazed. I thought I was going to have to use cloth pads and be chained to my washing machine. This is a great site and I am so glad I found it.


Tags: cramps, divacup, first time use, insertion, removal
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