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Lady Cup Sizing

Hi Everyone,

I've been reading through all the different posts on here for a couple of weeks and can't wait to get a cup.  I'd just like to say wow! This place is great for advice and I'm so excited to know there are other products.  I'd never even heard of alternative products until I saw a sticker above the sanitary bins in a toilet cubicle. Its great to know that I can quit buying products every month that only end up in the bin after use.  I wish my highschool had been a bit more informative.  Now I'm telling everyone!

So anyways after a lot of research and reading and pondering I think the LadyCup would be best for me (I hope!) but I can't decide which size to go for.

I had a look on and when I looked at the Lunette (the other cup I considered) I noticed that the Lunette 2 is almost the same size as the LadyCup Large however Lunette recommends it for over 20s and LadyCup recommends it for over 25s.

So here's my dilemma do I go for a small or large Lady Cup.  The small sounds really small and it seems most people consider that for teens.  I also know it doesn't hold much - while I have a light to average flow I am a swim teacher and can be in the water for 6 hours without access to a toilet so it still needs to hold a bit.  I emailed the company and they said go for the small.  I know they'll exhange if I pick the wrong size but I'd like to get it right the first time if possible.

I'll include a bit about myself and hopefully I can get some advice from you lovely ladies.
My specs are...

  • 22
  • sexually active
  • no children
  • light to average flow due to the pill
  • I can just touch my cervix so I think its about 75mm in (though this is when I'm not menstruating, I haven't measured when I am as I haven't had my period since I discovered cups)
So which should I go for? Small or Large?
Tags: lady cup, sizes/size issues

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