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Turned my Lunette Size 2 inside-out

OK - so I thought my period was over and then I got up yesterday morning to discover that it wasn't!  (I hate it when that happens - I'll go 24 hours with NOTHING, and then it will just start back up.)

Anyway, I tried turning my Lunette cup inside-out to prevent the remaining portion of the stem from stabbing/poking me.  I was able to get the cup MUCH further in/higher up, which was really surprisingly nice.  The stem problem was also solved, another plus in my book.

Now for the bad news:  Since turning the cup inside-out makes all the ridges and markings now on the inside instead of the outside, the cup was WAY smoother.  This caused the cup to have a better advantage of sliding back out of my body.

Out of desperation, I ended up calling my gynecologist, who is also a personal friend.  I explained the issues I was having and asked what his professional opinion would be on how to go about solving them.  He was open to the discussion, but had NEVER seen a cup.  So, I brought him my daughter's (as she is currently not on her period, and mine is in use).  He was really impressed about all the pros associated with the cups and would be sharing the information with his clients about the cup being an alternative to tampons/pads.  Anyway, he then went into a nice explanation of how my body is probably not designed for this particular cup.  I have a very short vaginal canal, my cervix is positioned backwards (instead of toward my tailbone, it is toward my belly button), I have a larger than normal "vaginal vault" (the part at the top of the vagina before the cervical opening that is slightly larger and designed to collect the seminal fluid during intercourse).  Furthermore, he explained that after having three children, my vaginal walls are just not as strong as they need to be to hold the cup into position.  This is what is causing the cup to slide down/fall out.  He ended up suggesting that I do some SERIOUS kegals EVERYDAY to strengthen the vaginal walls.  He also suggested that I try another cup.  He said that he would research all the cups online and then get back to me on his professional opinion of which cup to switch to.

So, that's that.

If you have success with the Lunette size 2, but want to prevent the stem from poking you, then you CAN turn it inside-out with success.  I just can't (for now) because my vaginal muscles are not strong enough to hold the cup in.  BUMMER!!

Meanwhile, I will grin and bear it and just do what I can to make it work until I get another cup.

Thanks, again, for all the wonderful feedback that everyone gave to help me with my other concerns (previous posts).  This is such a great site, I will continue to be a part of it and, hopefully, I can find another cup to meet my needs.
Tags: cervix position, doctors, inside-out, lunette

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