qtfaces (qtfaces) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Can a Lunette be used inside-out?

Hi, All,

I have been using my cup on my second period since receiving it, and have had some issues with the remaining portion of the stem (I cut mine as much off as I could without ruining the cup) poking/stabbing my sensitive bits.

A friend of mine suggested turning it inside-out.  She has a Diva Cup and has been able to successfully use hers both regularly and inside-out.  My question is:  Has anyone had success using the Lunette inside-out?  I have the Lunette size 2 (larger).

Just wondering if anyone has tried it and did it work.  I may have to just try it for myself and see what happens.  If I do, I'll post how it worked out for me.

Thanks in advance, though.
Tags: lunette, stem length/trimming
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