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having some issues with my Lunette cup

Hi, All,

I am having some issues with my Lunette cup and thought maybe someone could offer me some help and advice on how to deal with them.

This is just my second period since receiving my cup.  The cup arrived in the middle of my last period, so I only used it for the last few days (after the heavy bleeding was over).  I found it comfortable and really didn't have any issues with it, except for getting over the learning curve of how to insert it comfortably, how to remove it easily, etc.

This time, though, is quite different.  This is day two of my cycle and already I am questioning if what I am experiencing is normal.  One issue that I have is this:  I can sneeze and cough with the cup in and have no problems with it.  The cups doesn't move or anything.  BUT - when I go to pee, the cup actually falls out!  I am not straining or pushing in any way to go, just that by relaxing enough to be able to relieve myself causes the cup to fall out during the process.  Twice now I have had to fish my cup out of the toilet.  Both times I have had to boil the cup to sanitize it before reinserting it.  Is this normal?  Does anyone else have this problem.  I have just tried to remember to remove the cup every time I go now to avoid having it fall out.

My next issue is this:  I have done all I can to remove as much of the stem as possible, but I still feel poked from time to time, especially when I sit down.  Is the end of the cup supposed to stick out of the vagina during use, or am I supposed to have the cup high enough that it is completely inside of me?  In order for it to feel completely comfortable, I usually have it all the way inside, but then my vaginal opening closes around the bottom of the cup and then when I sit down the pressure of me sitting causes that delicate skin at the vaginal opening to get poked by what is left of the stem.  It is very painful and can be rather embarrassing when I am in certain company.  Any thoughts?

And finally, my last issue is:  With my last period, since I was only using the cup on those last few days with very light bleeding, I had no problem when removing the cup.  Only a tiny bit of bloody liquid was in the bottom of the cup and was easy to just pour out onto a wad of toilet tissue and flush.  This month is quite different.  Yesterday and today was rather heavy, thicker bleeding.  Every time I have removed the cup, a long line of thick, mucus-like blood will be connected from the cup to my body.  I end up having to take a wad of toilet tissue and wipe the blood from my body to disconnect it.  Because of this, when I reinsert the cup, my hand gets practically covered with blood, and also I am finding that I still need a panty liner as a back up to catch the little bit that sloughs off from beneath where the cup is.  Any thoughts on how to avoid this happening?  I don't know if it is because of the method I am using to remove it or what.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Tags: lunette, stem length/trimming, urination
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