Growing Lotus Seed of Life (puddle_berry) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Growing Lotus Seed of Life

I feel like a child opening new presents when I found this forum. I can use my cup with different folds?! GASP! I am so excited to try these new methods that I found out. I just wish public restrooms had sinks in the stalls so that I don't feel so foolish waddling with a cup wrapped in bloody toilet paper towards the sinks and wishing that no one walked in to find me dumping my mammalian protein down the sink. It seems so unsanitary. So that's another question I have. How do I make public use of a diva cup sanitary?

I feel like I'm playing roulette sometimes when I'm putting my cup in, and the suction created when I pull it out from an improper placement feels like my soul is being sucked out from my cervix. Ugh. Bloody hands and increased cramps aren't the most promising signs of this device for me, but I'll press onwards. I don't want to go back to using cotton tampons. Especially after reading about GMO cotton and the allergic reactions that fieldworkers encounter daily. All the more reason to move toward the cup. Is TSS really caused by bacterial infections? or really allergic reactions from pesticidal cotton? Hmmmm, lol. I'll stop ranting now about that as I'm preaching to the choir. I'm glad to have joined this community!
Tags: cleaning - public, tampons

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