ametaya (ametaya) wrote in menstrual_cups,

other uses?

I've heard of people using the cup after sex to catch sperm and other lovely fluids, but does anyone use it for anyone else?

every month, my cycle is as follows: period for one week, nothing for one week, discharge for one week, nothing for one week, then it starts over. I've heard the discharge i get is during the time when i am ovulating and is fine and should not worry about it. i've tried to live with it and just change my underwear and pantiliners often, but it's usually pretty bad, pretty thick and has a slight odor, and gets really really obnoxious.

has anyone ever had this problem? and if so, can i use the cup to help catch it? i'm worried it'll be really messy and gross, but really wish i had another option so i don't have to deal with the wetness and the smell. it drives me crazy!

any help anyone can give me would be great. thanks so much.
Tags: continuous use

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