moonlitedance85 (moonlitedance85) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Instead, Lady, Lunette or Diva??

Hi everyone!

I am new to the whole "cup" thing. I bought the Instead cups 2 days ago b/c I was told on a fertility site that they are great to use for a sort of mock insemination. Anyway since they are used for your period and I am currently on mine I decided to use one. Well I LOVE cups!! They are great but my problem with the Instead cup is its messy to take out. It also leaks when I go pee which according to their site is normal. I will continue to use the Instead's as a conceiving aide but I dont think they work that well as period protection (though I like them over tampons). I know that the Insteads go over your cervix and other cups go in like tampons. I am 24 years old and I have a daughter (16 months) who I delivered by c-section. I am looking for a cup that will be easy to remove (maybe long stem or less suction) since I have a VERY VERY high cervix (I cant reach it. I do ok with the Instead cups b/c I can reach my pubic bone). I have an average flow and I am a larger girl with short fingers. So I really need help finding a cup that will work for me. Anyone with similar body type or situation could you please post your opinions (though all opinions are welcome).

So my questions are....

Which cups do you find come out easier for larger body types?

Which cup has the longest stem?

As for suction which cup has a good seal to prevent leaks but "pops" out easy when needed?

Which cups stay in place while going pee?

I am also a horrible sleeper and toss a lot so which cups stay in place well overnight?


I am mainly looking at getting a Lunette, Lady or Diva. I've looked around the site and narrowed it down to those 3 but cant figure out which one to pick. The Lunette b/c I hear it has a long stem, the Lady b/c I hear it has less suction and the Diva b/c I hear it works best at night. I dont have the money to but all three. All I can afford at the moment is one. So I want to make sure I make the right choice. Thank you to anyone who answers!



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