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post-childbirth, lady cup, lunette questions, for those who use FAM

New here. Hi. :)

1) Since having a baby, it feels like I've collapsed in on myself. (Same thing happened with my mom, grandma, etc. Lucky us.) Anyone else had this after childbirth and how has it affected using a cup and which size you purchased? I hesitate to get the giant cups since I'm all collapsed in and my periods are light. (I've looked this thing up and have come up with a couple of things... vaginal prolapse... pelvic floor dysfunction... not sure exactly what it is. My dr. said nothing at my 6 week post-partum appointment so I dunno.)

2) I can't seem to find the lunette or lady cup for sale in the U.S. Only online and my husband doesn't want me to order outside of the U.S. because they add some funky charge to your credit card to convert dollars to euros or something. Currently trying to spend as little money as possible due to financial constraints.

3) Speaking of the ladycup, is anyone concerned about dyes in her menstrual cup? We generally try to buy everything we own dye and fragrance free, so I'm not thrilled about this.

4) For those who use FAM, do you ever use the cup during your fertile time? Since having a child, my body apparently thinks I need to do it again... and is extremely enthusiastic with making ewcm. I don't want to have to wear liners anymore to catch all that fertile cm. Anyone use their cup for this purpose? If so, how's it work out for you?

Thanks all.

((FWIW, my daughter is almost 2.5 years old and I'm 27.))
Tags: buying decisions, cervix position, continuous use, disabilities & health problems, lady cup, lunette, sizes/size issues, where to buy
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