heiferweitzen (tanyadenison) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Desperate to remove Diva Cup

I'm a little scared, I've tried six times to get this thing out.  I have the size 2 and I wonder if it is too large for me.  I can barely feel the tip, I definitely can't get a grasp on it and I can't reach the top of the cup either.  I've tried bearing down and relaxing and pressing the suction out but it stays right in the same place.  I've read everything I can about it getting stuck, and all I see is "oh there it came out!" and "haha you can't get it stuck" but it's been almost 24 hours now of trying and I am desperate.  It seems to be up past the vaginal canal, is that possible?  The tip is also behind the pubic bone.  I can barely get two fingers in, much less pull with two and get another in for squeezing.  I'm frightened of having to go to the hospital.  I don't know what else to try, my vagina seems swollen too and that doesn't help.
Tags: divacup, removal - painful or problems, tilted uterus
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