elizabby (elizabby) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Another sizing question

OK, so I've got it all working again, and I remember how it feels again. problem is, that I originally had a "large" Lunette (this was the only size when I got it) and I always felt it was a bit too wide for me. There was always a 'wince' moment when getting it out as the rim came out. (Going in was not a problem once the folding was sorted.)

I had always meant to get another cup, but then I got pg and assumed that having a baby would fix all this. But it hasn't - the Lunette still seems a bit too wide just at the moment when I pull the rim out. But I'm well over 30 (closer to 40 to tell the absolute truth) and have had a baby, so I'd feel a bit silly buying a small cup at this point. I have wondered if one of the "softer" cups like the MiaCup or Ladycup might not be so tricky to get out?

Any thoughts?
Tags: sizes/size issues

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