Tillie Olivier (alonwimonster) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Tillie Olivier

Humorous, if gross

I started this cycle on Thanksgiving. Before we left the house to go to my aunt's I decided to empty and rinse my cup. I flip my Diva inside out so it's got a flat bottom. Usually I'll take it out, and set it on the sink (right near the toilet), wipe off, get up and wash etc. Anyway, as I pull it out and set it on the sink I notice that some mucousy blood has gotten on my wrist, and is now "connecting" me to the cup with a thick strand.
At this exactly moment, my three year old bumbles into the bathroom, stops, looks at me, and exclaims "WOOOOOW, MAMA'S SPIDERMAN!!!"
Tags: family & friends
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