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Are cups pulling my contraceptive coil down?

I had an ultrasound a few months ago that showed my coil was sitting too low so I had a new one inserted, but when I went for another ultrasound a few months later they found my new coil was now also sitting too low, doctors weren't too concerned so it was left where it was. I thought it may have been due to my cup, but second time I figured maybe it was just how my body is made that's causing the coils to move down. This period I switched from a Mooncup which I've been using for five or six years now, to a Ladycup which is slightly bigger and seems to sit further up in my vagina, last day of my period I had some discomfort but thought nothing of it until removing my cup made the pain shaper and stronger. The strings for my coil are much lower than normal, and I still have some discomfort, so I'm very paranoid that my new cup has pulled my coil down yet again.

I'm worried about what that would mean as I suffer from menorrhagia so even if I wanted to use tampons and pads again I'm just too heavy with periods lasting up to eleven days not using a cup would cause big problems, and I use a coil as I can't use hormonal birth control, doctors have been very abusive to me in the past for using other non-hormonal methods, the coil meant I didn't have to fight that fight anymore. I can't see anyone until Wednesday at the earliest to check it out so I'm looking for some advice from women who have used a cup and a coil, has anyone had a similar experience? Has it happened more than once? Am I just going to have to tolerate this? - if so any advice on approaching the subject with my GP so to avoid her becoming abusive or dismissive? My previous GP was abusive, this one so far seems fine but as other doctors and nurses have also been far from great I’m concerned about raising this issue with anyone, but I think I’d need to tell my GP so she can better help me use the two together or get help when I need it as services dealing with IUD’s aren’t common around here.

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