newpinkcup (newpinkcup) wrote in menstrual_cups,

extra extra high cervix?

So I have to admit that over the years I've had both a Keeper and a Diva and I managed to try each one only once before giving up completely. I have no problem with insertion and they're comfortable to wear, but getting them out was a complete disaster. I could barely reach the cup with a fingertip and there was no hope of getting two fingers anywhere near the stem - i ended up using a cansten applicator to painfully lever it out.

After reading around on this site I tried and figured out that even squatting AND baring down I can only barely touch my cervix.

I just recently bought a pink cup to try - thinking maybe the softer silicone might be easier to work with - but after trying the cervix thing I'm thinking that maybe my fingers are too short / vag too long - and I'll never get it together.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Tags: cervix position, coloured lady cups, first time use, lady cup, removal - painful or problems, tilted uterus
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