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So, I got tired of waiting for the Lady Cup and got another mooncup on the theory that if I didn't do this now, I'd chicken out and also it'd probably be handy to have a spare. In any case I started using it and love.

After the last post and all the encouragement and education on folds I did decide it was the fold that was previously causing problems, I did what it said in the packet and that's crap. So I decided to try some of the other folds I found here and opting for the Origami and Punch Back methods I tried them - it took a lot of work and when I did get them in it wasn't comfortable. Better than before and it felt a bit odd, which I figure was wrong but determined not to throw it out like last time I tried the seven fold which I thought would be the worst. Turned out it was the best!

So I got it in using the Origami fold and I could still feel it but I decided to wait a while, get used to it maybe, then later that day parents decided we should all go out to dinner so I tried a method right there in the pub, cause I had to empty it and I wasn't thinking straight or something, went back to sit down and OUCH, rushed back to loo (and freaked mom out in process, she thought I was ill or something) and tried the seven fold. Got it in, tried sitting down on toilette seat to make sure it was fine, went back and had dinner.

What I noticed was that through the night I started to feel it less and less so when I went to change it the next time I found out why - it was all past my pubic bone, tail remnant and all, and I could barely grasp the bottom with my fingers. Which is solved by baring down, but freaked me out slightly. Decided to replicate this on insertion each time and have had no problem since. No leaks, nothing except some blood that gets out whilst rinsing out cup but that's easily wiped away and doesn't come back till I rinse it again.

So much love, seriously. Mom has no idea how I'm doing it even though two of her friends at work swear by them, but seems happy I've found something that works.

I have a question though. My period would have usually stopped by now. But the past two days I've collected this kind of brown blood like I get now and then, dead and gone off I assume, and it's barely a small teaspoon over 12 hours but persistent. Is this normal, does the cup tend to extend it slightly or is it just my body going wacko again?
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