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Diva Cup

I wanted to post because when I was researching the different types of cups, I kept reading horrible stories.  I realized most people only posted when they were having problems and not that many posted when they had good outcomes.

After researching different cups, I finally made a decision and bought a Diva Cup.  Mostly because it was the cheapest.  When I originally received it I did a dry run.  It was uncomfortable and had me kind of discouraged, but when my cycle started everything went GREAT.  The first couple of times were kind of messy as I got used to inserting it and removing it.  I was so glad I am a SAHM and was home.  It took me about 3 times before I got the hang of it.  Once I got the hang of it everything was GREAT.  I am so glad I decided to use menstrual cups and will never go back to tampons again.  My Diva Cup is super comfortable and I have such an awesome feeling knowing it is good for my health and the environment.  I feel safe in buying a Diva Cup for my 15 yr old daughter who is using cloth pads at the moment.  I think she will be more comfortable using the Diva Cup and I will not have to worry about the health risks I feared in putting her in tampons.
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