Colette Louise Morgan (colettemorgan) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Colette Louise Morgan

This is why I love my cup & a discount code for MooncupUK

So Monday I had a fabulous hot stone massage. The only problem was over the week I had some grumbly mid cycle spotting, I had been wearing a cloth liner as a just in case, but didnt feel comfortable wearing one for my massage, so I put my cup in. When I took my cup out there was nothing, so putting a tampon in wouldn't have been a good idea and removing a dry tampon hurts.
So yes a good example of cup love.

When I brought my UK Mooncup a month or so they gave me a code that is good for three uses to get £3 off. I'm offering it up to you guys, but on a little deal! I would be very grateful if you could click through a site to get to the Mooncup page. A charity that has helped me so much over the years, the Association of Young People with M.E, has an affiliate link to Mooncup, for every purchase made through them Mooncup give £4.
So the click through link is the Mooncup button is towards the bottom of the page and the discount code is MOON1476520830-52
If you use the code leave a comment just so people can know once it has been used up.
Tags: buying decisions, mooncup (uk), success stories, where to buy
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