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First days!

So tuesday around 4 pm i started my period, and i put my mooncup [uk] in right away. Since then, i've not had a single leak! yay!

The stem at first was bothering me, it reminded me of when i used to rush and put tampons in quickly and i could still feel them bothering my labia. so i cut half of the stem off on wednesday. [i was scared to cut it all off because i'm still learning how to remove it and i kinda use it. when i get the learning curve down maybe i'll trim the rest] but so far it seems to be working great! i don't feel it poking anymore.

however, i have had cramps for the past 3 days, and i normally only get them the first day of my period, if at all. Do you think the cup could make them worse?

Insertion has been easy, no time at all. i use the punchdown, and i can insert while sitting on the toilet. simple, quick, easy - great, since i live in a community dorm!

Removal, however, is quite hard. The cup moves upwards quite a bit from where i place it, and it's hard to get my finger all the way up to the top of the cup and then around the giant rim that the mooncup has! but i'm starting to get the hang of it i think. it just takes a little extra time i guess. so far, i bear down and pull on the stem a little until the cup is just at the entrance to my vagina, then i get at least my index finger in to squish the cup. sometimes i can get my thumb in there too.

even though i have not had any leaks - yay! - i can definitely feel the cup there. maybe i just need to get used to it? but i can feel pressure in my abdomen and it's not pleasant, especially when mixed with my cramps. tonight i am taking a break from the cup and letting my poor achey vagina rest until morning. i never liked using tampons much and would always use pads at night to give my vagina a rest; i know it doesn't hurt it any to have tampons, cups, etc up there but the pressure always bothers me. hopefully i'll get used to the cup, i don't want to use pads for the rest of my life!

 the length is perfect, it's not too long, not too short. capacity is good too, i've only changed it once a day since i started. tonight i think it was overflowing, i had that bubbly feeling that someone described once, and when i was changing it in the shower, as soon as i broke the suction before i even pulled the cup out i had blood all over my hand. it spilled everywhere so i think it was full haha. but i had it in for about 11 hours i think; i'd been running nonstop all day. but it didn't leak! just got bubbly, and it'd been bubbly for about two hours and still didn't leak, so i guess that's good.

all-in-all, i have had great success, and i am so glad i bought the mooncup [= i just wish the uncomfy-ness in my abdomen would go away ):
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