dandelion wine (amyakieran) wrote in menstrual_cups,
dandelion wine

Something I discovered I did....

...Maybe it's been discussed here already or maybe many woman already do this... OR maybe it's what everyone does !!

Either way, I'm posting to maybe help out some women. What I do to get my cup out (I have a Mooncup UK, but I did this with the other two cups I've used in the past as well), is I pull it (it still has a tiny bit of the stem and I wear it pretty high) until I get the base of the cup then I squeesh it really hard until it starts folding in on itself, and while still tugging gently slowly work my finger and thumb up the cup as high as possible to break the seal as best as possible. Then I kind of twist it from side to side to further break the seal and to continue slowly working it out. I twist it until it's out!

Idk, I've been reading in here a lot recently and today on the loo, I realized that, hey, I have never heard this discussed. Maybe it already has? hhahahaha! Idk. But there ya have it.
Tags: removal, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction, success stories

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