Quitterie (quitterie) wrote in menstrual_cups,

A brand new cup..?

Hello ladies :))

A friend of mine indicated to me the link of a French site :

There are 2 short and well-written articles. One is about the "pisse-debout" ("pisse" comes from "pisser" = to pee and "debout" is "standing"). It looks like the Freelax, a pretty cool thing.

Then they speak about the "cueille-lune" ("lune" is moon and "cueille" is from the verb "cueillir" = to pick ; "cueille" can be used both for "pick!" or "(I/he,she) picks"..).
On the picture, the cup looks like one of the Mooncups, but I don't recognize the shape of the ridges on the outside of the cup..? Plus, the handle looks thinner, such as on the Lunette or Diva for instance etc..
Would that only be an effect of the picture itself ?
Do you think that'd be a new, French cup ?

I wrote them a mail yesterday.. We'll see what they'll learn me.. ;)

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