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Does this cup exist?


I've used a Keeper (the smaller one) for a while (mostly on and off) and the only reason I don't love it is because it makes my already achey vagina ten times more achey on my really bad days and when I'm on my super achey vagina days, insertion hurts like crazy. Really, inserting almost anything on those days hurts, though.

Well, not the Instead cup. My very darling and wonderful mother went out and got me a bar of chocolate and a box of Instead cups because I had been talking about them earlier and because I was lying around moaning. Well, it turns out that my insides LOVE the Instead cup. It doesn't cause me any pain or achey pressure and I think it's about ten times more user friendly than the Keeper was for me. I find it really comfortable to wear. Where I could always tell I was wearing my Keeper, I can't feel the Instead cup at ALL! It's great, I love it, yadda yadda.

Well, here's the rub: I was attracted to the Keeper because it created less waste and was friendlier on the environment than disposable products and it was a huge money saver for me. Well, the Instead is disposable and not exactly a one-time purchase.

So, is there a cup out there that mimics the style and fit of the Instead (up around the cervix with a flexible ring) but is reusable?

If not, can I reasonably get away with wearing my Instead cup for more than the allotted twelve hours (assuming I empty it when it's full, of course)?

A few things: not currently sexually active but have been in past, not on any form of hormonal birth control (but liked the Ring aside from not having much of a sex drive, but I think the shape is why the Instead is now so comfortable for me!) and almost never ever get yeast or urinary tract infections, super comfortable sticking things in my vagina.

Thanks, everybody!
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