ariel_la (ariel_la) wrote in menstrual_cups,

buyng my first cup

Hello all, I'm fairly new to this site.  Slowly finding my way around.  Finding all the posts so far very informative...great support system as well.  I'm glad I found this site.
I have tried the instead disposable cups during a couple recent cycles and although not 100% successful with them I have decided to bite the bullet and get a Diva Cup.  Locally they are available at 2 stores (one has to order it in while the other has one in stock) and relatively expensive and that is before sales taxes are applied.  I stumbled across some info on here (though I can't find it now) and seems my best option at this time is to make my purchase online from (I think cup costs around $15 to 16US with coupon and incl. S/H?).
 Wondered if anyone here has a "referral coupon code" they'd want to share so I could take advantage of the $5 coupon on my purchase.  (I'm new to online purchasing....anyone care to share their experience with buying from iHerb - purchase/customer service/return policies).
Tags: divacup, where to buy

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