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So, I'd love to get one of these, I really would. I have to wear two pads at the same time if I don't want to get my pants dirty and the fact that it's reusable and once you get the hang of it seemingly fuss free seems like a big plus. I haven't been able to wear tampons because, frankly, they HURT (and I've heard about the correct placement thing, I've tried several times and no luck) so I thought I'd give these things a go as they looked, well, I hoped different placement would mean no pain.

Now, I got a small Mooncup at my local boots, got home and tried to put it in as instructed. Once I did manage to get it in, and it seemed to like popping into 'open' when it was only partially in, I only managed to get it so low that the bottom of it was still sticking out. Not good I'm assuming? And though it didn't hurt when standing up normally it wasn't exactly comfy whilst standing up either. I figure this is because it's probably not in the right position right?

Trouble is I couldn't get it any higher cause of the popping open thing, and also that particualr tunnel seems to be rather narrow. Threw the thing away in a fit of being very annoyed and vexed and it wouldn't be sanitary to go and get it again, lol, but I can buy another.

So, any advice? I mean, is there another model that works better for women who seem to have narrow vaginas? Any advice? Cause I'd seriously love to stop having to use pads all the frelling time.
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