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first day with divacup, yay!

Hi all. So here's my first day experience with the Diva Cup (which I LOVE btw).

I knew I would start today, so I slipped it in this morning. No problems there--I used the punchdown fold and it popped open nicely and I could feel the suction. I didn't twirl it around because it hard to fit my fingers and the cup up there. My vag, apparently, is very long and narrow.

I actually felt my period start in my cup today, which was a cool feeling (I also thought it was leaking because it felt very wet in that area, but it was all good).

Removal turned out to be much more difficult. I took a shower at about 10:30 and didn't get out until 11. I made several attempts, first bearing down with my PC muscles (thank goodness for Kegel's!). This got the cup to move down a lot.

Next, I managed to break the seal and a bunch of blood came pouring out, so more progress. I kept having to alternate bearing down and trying to grab the cup with about 4 or 5 attempts.

Finally, I managed to work both my middle finger and my thumb into my vag and then bore down to move the cup's sides to my fingers. I kept freaking out that I had made an air seal, so I pressed down near the top of one side and kept bearing down and pulling really really slowly to get it out.

It kinda disturbed my G-spot/urethra area with the tab. Is it worth cutting? It didn't bug while it was in me. Coming out, the width hurt a little. Maybe that's because I'm not used to anything big going in or out of me (my partner's average size, though I have fit big things in there before--trust me!).

Do any of you have tips to make removal faster? Or does it just take practice? I was really careful not to try to rip it out without breaking the seal, but maybe I didn't need to be so prudent.

Tips? High-fives? I did it! I am all squee! inside.
Tags: divacup, insertion, seal & suction, success stories
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