venus_in_green (venus_in_green) wrote in menstrual_cups,


I'm a newbie to the Diva cup. This is my first cycle with it and I'm incredibly frustrated! It won't stop leaking! I've read through a lot of the info on here and tried several different folding methods. The one I use most often is the punchdown but I've tried others and they all seem to be popping open. I don't think not opening is the problem but I'm not sure what it. I also know that everywhere I read says that it's very important to turn it once it's in but I can't really get mine to turn easily, even when it's open. I've tried taking it out and reinserting it making sure to aim in horizontally and it still leaks! I'm really frustrated because if I'm still going to have to wear a pad even with my Diva Cup it seems pointless to have bought a Diva Cup! Suggestions?

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