fresh_veggie (fresh_veggie) wrote in menstrual_cups,

the wonderful yeasties...

I hope this isn't TMI - but this period around I got pretty itchy halfway through, and was wondering what was up.  I've never had a yeastie before (I'm 20) but I'm guessing that's what this was - I thought my vag was dying, haha, but I realized that it was just yeast stuff.  Anyway, I'm more into natural, effective treatments (unless otherwise necessary, of course) so I did a search and found this website.

Let me just tell you that prayers have been answered - I use apple cider vinegar for many small things, but I didn't know it would work SO AMAZINGLY for yeast infections.  Please, anyone who gets yeasties or vaginitis, have a look at this site.  And if you don't get them, check it out anyway because it's wonderful information to have on hand!  Scroll down a bit on the page until you reach the section titled Apple Cider Vinegar.

Enjoy!  Happy period!

Tags: yeast infections
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