Amy Lillard (weezerscaddy) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Amy Lillard

So, I decided to try another dry run with my cup, but this time armed with having read the awesome post on folding posted here some time ago (before I joined, even...I happened across it reading the memories). The origami fold was not working, but the ounchdown fold is awesome.  I was able to get it in, get it open, and it turned quite easily.  I feel it, but it's not uncomfortable.  It's more of a "I know it's there" feeling.  I am going to leave it in for a few minutes to see if I start to lose that feeling.  I think too, that it's becauseit is a dry run...that when I'm bleeding, it will be a bit more lubricated than it is right now. It sort of feels like I just had sex, after which I'm usually quite uncomfortable (except when I jump the gun and have sex the last day or two of my period, in which the bloos is stil there, and it feels a bit uh...looser lol).  It's similar, but not enough as to be uncomfortable...except one thing.
I trimmed the stem halfway, like was recommended in the instructions. It's still sticking out a bit, and I'm feeling that when I sit.  I read that at least one poster has her sheared completely off, but I don't know which cup she used.  Any users of the Diva cup brave enough to cut the whole stem off?  Did this ruin your cup? It looks like the very tip of the bowl is thinner than the rest of it...I'm wondering if this isn't the reason you shouldn't trim it further.
Tags: divacup, dry run, stem length/trimming
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