fuzzyxllama (fuzzyxllama) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Problem with stem removal

I just tried used my menstrual cup for the first time yesterday with some success and then not ...

I only wore it about 3 hours, with only one *little* leak on my panties, though there was a bit if menstrual stuff at the bottom of the cup which I thought was awesome! However, about an hour into it I felt really bad cramps and it was uncomfortable. When I first put it in, I had to remove the stem because that was not comfortable at all. I removed about half of it at first, then the whole thing. However, when I tried to remove the cup without the stem, it was really hard!
I have a small lady/pinkcup and there isnt much room to get my thumb and finger in there to remove it. I eventually got it, though it was rather uncomfortable.
Are there any other tricks to removing the cup? Am I putting it in too far thus causing some leakage and difficulty removing it?

I really am excited about this cup though! I was so excited stuff went INTO the cup and not out of it. haha. So I felt somewhat successful yesterday. I didn't use it today because I worried about removal and had to work for 8 hours and wasnt sure how I could empty it.
Perhaps tomorrow I will try again!

Thanks guys :) This community is great to come to for advice!

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