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I was telling my mom about the menstrual cup and she had never heard of it before and was asking about it. I've only just tried mine on dry runs, but I was saying how much it really does suction and I so far have a hard time getting it out, though I do manage.

She wondered if it was creating enough suction to break capillairies. Like when you get a hicky, or if anyone has had the Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping Treatment, or when I was a kid I would put a cup over my mouth and inhale and create a suction, but then my mouth would be blue for awhile. lol

I didn't really have an answer for her, except that they are approved by the FDA and people have been using them successfully for a while without any problems like that at least that I have heard of. Then I remembered the holes! Is that what the holes are for? To keep the suction from being so great as to cause damage to the blood vessels? When I try to take it off it is pretty well sealed on there and if I try to pull it out without breaking the seal - well, I can't.

So just wanted to get some perspectives from more seasoned users. Thanks!
Tags: seal & suction
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