Danielle (preciosura) wrote in menstrual_cups,

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Letter to my Diva Cup

Dear Dollie,

Thank you so much for being reasonably priced and for arriving in a timely manner. Your size, shape and capacity definitely impress me no end. Thank you
for not poking me in the nether regions, even when I forget you're down there, which is quite often. Thank you for making my dealings with Mother Nature's
idea of punctuation bearable and for helping me keep my female business to myself. I'm sure the trash cans, plumming and environment are grateful to you
too. Please don't worry about Luna (my Keeper Moon Cup) she'll stick around but only for back up. From now on, you're my first choice. I hope that other
women are encouraged to give cups like you a try because the learning curve really isn't steep at all. Well, thanks again.

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