Amy Lillard (weezerscaddy) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Amy Lillard

Thank you!

This is slighty OT...sorry about that, but I can't think of a better way to do this.

You guys, the response to my essay was overwhelming.  I expected a few short responses fixing something where I had made a mistake or an assumption (which happens), but I got so many responses, and they are so helpful.  I am adding things in as I can, and will be working o it over the next few days, with your responses in where they need to be. I'll repost for a second go round hopefully next week.  I have a few things I need to research myself as well, so it is very much a work in progress.  I want this to be as accurate as possible, because I honestly want to make the transition easier for other women than it was for me.  I had a wealth of information at my fingertips with you guys, and was able to ask questions without fear of ridicule.  You have no idea how much that means to me, but at the same time, some women aren't apt to discuss thier "monthlies" with total's easier to have the information at thier fingertips where they can read it in privacy and comfort. 

I have until December to get this thing in top form, so if you'll indulge me, I may set up another round or two of proofreading and suggestions like this one.  Thank you again...this has become sort of my "baby"   

x-posted to cloth_pads, as they have given me the same awesome response!

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