Xaoey (donnajuanita) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Safe length of time to soak?

So, after two or three cycles of use, my Diva was getting extra-disgustingly stained, so I soaked it in a 1:3 solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. Problem solved, all is well.

Here's my queston, though: How long is it okay to leave soaking? I left mine in the solution last night for about 5 hours, and popped it back in a couple times today for an hour or so each (just because I'm a perfectionist like that. :) I was afraid to leave it in for too long and come back to God-only-knows-what-kind of disaster...

The second part of my question is, then, how often is it okay to soak in the solution? Would it hae been better if I had left it in for 12 hours than repeatedly remove and replace it?

Forgive me if this is a lame question, I just love my cup and don't want to hurt it! :)

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