b_12345 (b_12345) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lunette vs. Lady Cup

 I posted on here about a month ago, and since then have decided either the lunette or the lady cup would be better for me. i am a 14 year old virgin, so a smaller cup would appeal to me. i have been using tampons since literally the first day of my period. i think cups would be great because they're reusable, so i won't have a trash can FULL of tampons at the end of my period. i use super plus or super tampons on a regular basis. can anyone give me an estimate on how long i'd be able to keep the cup in with my flow? (i usually go through a super plus tampon in about 3 hours on my heavy days).
has anyone used lady cup or lunette? or both? which would you recommend? I'm still open to other cups, so if you have one you really like and you're around my age, PLEASE recommend it! I have heard the lunette is great, but the lady cup is much prettier with all of the different colors!

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